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The Desura is down, so the DB's are the next domain, or something poetic and silly like that!

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With the passing of Desura as a valuable place of which to administer games, even free ones. (read: they're bankrupt) I had to think a while on where else I could put this game up that had a sizable member base. We have plans for Greenlight, yes... but not sure if we had the numbers to get into the greenlight. I'm sure our game is great, like I'm really happy with this as a release product! I just didn't have Desura to rely on.

But then I remembered indieDB and modDB are things. So, here we are for the first time since 12/12/13.

So this is our newest BIG GAME! It features over eight hours of gameplay and is packed to burst with charming character interaction, spooky stuff, lighthearted comedy, epic events and a lot of interesting RPG-esque battles!

It's also got an entirely custom soundtrack, not all of it is done just yet, but it will be added as the CCC's chief composer gets to it, only a few tracks aren't done, and this is more than complete enough for me to feel confident in releasing whole-hog.

I'll add other games here in due course!

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