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Enviroment became more dangerous, becaus packs of wolves may attack you now! Also new location is being prepared to be explored, along with quest for the future alpha version. This update features a video with new wolves.

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After some time, next update is here.

For purposes of the future alpha version, I have decided to focus on creating new locations and story. With that, new enemies became one of the neccessary things that had to be added.

So here it is! Wolves on brand new map with bit improved graphics, thanks to Unity 5's atmospheric scattering and cinematic image-effects!


- New enemies - wolves
- New location for future alpha version (starting location of a small story)
- Graphics enhacement (Unity 5's Atmospheric Scattering and Cinematic image effects)
- Repaired bugs (mainly in AI navigation and specific bugs for some player classes)

What's in plan?
- Cutscenes
- Maybe horse? I'm not sure yet :)
- Roadside inn, NPCs - it's needed for storyline
- Dungeon enviroment and some undead enemies

For better introduction of these new fluffy enemies, I have decided to record new video.

Music used in video :

1. Royalty Free Music | Sirius Beat - The Chosen
2. Royalty Free Music | Sirius Beat - My Story


Nice wolf combat! It would be cool, that if after the majority of the pact dies, the rest would just run away with their tails between their legs, making a the player a bit more heroic.
The wizard seems a bit overpowered though.

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Yeah the Wizard makes short work of the Dogs but if any scenario the Wolves get him by surprise I bet he would be in serious trouble.

A multiplayer deathmatch mode might be fun.

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