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“WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B” is “WOLF RPG Editor” translated into English by vgperson and edited by Widderune. Version 2.10B has updated menus and functions.

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This is my first article, so I will try my best for this beginning.

WOLF RPG Editor is a free WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) RPG Maker software. It was developed by SmokingWOLF (SilverSecond) in Japan. WOLF RPG Editor is very popular in Japan, but it has not been noticed as much in America because there has been no English translation of the program.

Widderune did create an English translation of WOLF RPG Editor earlier, but unfortunately it was a rather poor translation and he felt this was not good enough for fans of the program. So he removed that translation from Mod DB.

Then through fortuitous circumstances, Widderune came upon vgperson who has been translating games, music, etc from Japanese to English. Upon seeing how excellently vgperson translated, Widderune was able to get a hold of vgperson and the true translating of WOLF RPG Editor had begun.

wolf rpg editor bmp

WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B is the latest of our translations of WOLF RPG Editor so far.

The System DB is mostly translated, I say mostly because the Data of Types 5 & 6 stay in Japanese(but I have provided the English translations to import, so you can see what the lines of Data are.)

The User DB is translated and mostly integrated into the Common Events(based on our testing with the Sample Game.)

72 of the Common Events are mostly translated(I say mostly because a lot of elements in the Common Events are linked to the Variable DB which has not been translated.)

Only 142 Common Events and the Variable DB have not been translated!

WOLF RPG Editor is centered on people creating game engines to call their own, so feel free to experiment and see what you can create!

Here are the download links for WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B

WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B - Sample Game

WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B - Engine

WOLF RPG Editor English v2.10B - Blank

If you wish to contact or support the WOLF RPG Editor English project, you can follow us on Gab.

Gab: WOLF RPG Editor English | Gab

If you wish to contact or support Widderune, you can visit his website and follow him on Gab.

Website: Widderune | Website
Gab: Widderune | Gab

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