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Post news RSS Within the Cosmos is releasing 31 May 2019! Here's the reveal trailer!

After over 2 long years of the Steam Greenlight trailer, Within the Cosmos has a new trailer, showcasing how the game will look when you get to play it! It's releasing on Steam on 31 May 2019!

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Hello again everyone! Wow! It's been over 2 years since the game was submitted and approved through Steam Greenlight... Time certainly flew by! In all that time, I was able to get a lot of work done on Within the Cosmos, and turn it into the game I really wanted to make. It's a bit different from what I had created when I posted to Steam Greenlight. It's still a first person shooting adventure game, but now there's rpg-style choices that the player makes throughout the game, all voice acted.

There has been so much work done on this throughout the 4+ years I've worked on it. I really hope you all enjoy the game when it releases! Thank you so much for checking the game out!

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