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Have a happy and safe Halloween Readers! Lavenblade started a BYOND centric TeamSpeak server so community members could chat with one another. If you would rather read, you could check out Mr_Goober's IRC channel. Or you could stay here and check out these great game updates!

Within BYOND is a volunteer published column posted on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, featuring brief mentions of some of the in-development games that are being made with BYOND. You'll find that there is a large difference in the quality of work presented, given that BYOND developers are independents of all ages and create games in their free time. Interested in finding more about the awesome multiplayer games that can be made and played with BYOND? Start here!


Lummox JR continues with weekly development updates for the BYOND Engine! A numbers of issues with some operators and installation have been put to rest. Webclient CPU and color matrix (Curious about how to use color matrixes?) issues have been patched up as well. Some HUD interweaving functionality may be depreciated in upcoming builds, in favor of a simplified and more advantageous plane approach. He would like to see more developers using the Webclient, and is working towards https support, allowing the Webclient to be used on a wider variety of sites.


Yutput has resumed work on Champions of the Holy Grail, a PVP battle brawler, and the successor to Footrace for the Holy Grail. Paradox and the Ice Maiden rejoin the cast, and Friday night championships are held each week. Congratulations to 5ratsuperhalo and BloodyLollipops for becoming the champions of last Friday's tournament!

The Untold Kingdoms now has a tutorial to help assist new players in learning the game, it's quite in depth, explaining many of the systems in the game. The game also has new HUD graphics, which should be helpful in displaying the stats and bonuses that were added to the game.

Manio is taking up Kumorii's challenge of creating a Halloween themed game. Trick 'R' Beat involves collecting pieces of candy corn, and then beating up other candy collectors so you can steal theirs. Then trade in your candy corn collection for new get-ups and weapons to stay on top.

All of the characters in Final Impact: Aeon Cataylst now have new skills and abilities, check out the cast's bio page for full details. The storyline has also been simplified, dropping the unneeded player responses

Ki Warriors has seen a splurge of progress these past two weeks, with crafting and god-like powers that are coupled with regular needs. Interface improvements have been made, and boss battles have been planned. Be a shame to see the world-eater destroy the world and all of Avidanimefan's hard work.

Konlet, the latest edition to the BYOND moderation team, has taken oven the development of Eureka, and is hosting a public test of the sidescrolling adventure game this Halloween weekend.

Land of Fire is currently undergoing an early alpha stress test, after showing the design process for a piece of artwork. Land of Fire is an adventure game that takes place in Feudal Japan, whose villages are on the brink of an all-out war. Closed Alpha is set for late November, and the game is set for a public release in 2016.

Sword & Soul Online has undergone a name change, now Soul Ascent Online, to help separate their creation from that of their inspiration, after holding a poll asking players if they would be interested in unique content. RoxasX-San provided information about a commonly asked question, bringing mercenaries into the game, along with information about the skills and activities to do in the game.

Kage no Odori: Rise of the Tengu has had a progress logged shared by Avidanimefan recently. The Ninja adventure game has seen HUD functionality improvements, story expansions, new nimpos, and new weapons with visuals.

Soma Schicksal has decided to begin remaking Tales of Judgement, a team-based battle arena. Although the game is currently far from playable, and will only be available to a select number of beta testers, a testing video is available to watch.

BYOND Resources

  • Can't get anyone to respond to your classified ads? Kats provides a series of tips for finding a team.
  • Do your creations feel a bit.... static? Check out Popisfizzy's write up on using probability to your advantage.
  • And if the built in probability functions are seeming a bit lacking, Popisfizzy has also released a library for simulating dice rolls.
  • Then manage information in a logical manner using pif_iterator, from Popisfizzy.
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