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Wishmere receives its first major update, incorporating community feedback and implementing a variety of new mechanics. A new stage, the Ice Wasteland, has been added in addition to a multitude of defensive options.

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Update #14:

Happy New Year to all! And to celebrate the new year, we've got our first update for Wishmere, packed with lots of changes. Once releasing Wishmere into Early Access, we got feedback from the community and are pleased to announce the Change Log for Update 1. Check out our new Wishmere Update 1 Video to see a quick rundown of what we've updated. It also features a combo video midway through, that should please fighting game fans!

Dove battles on the new stage, the Ice Wasteland.

We've added our next stage: Ice Wasteland. It features enemies from a legendary army that fight with more structure and strategy than other stages. There's snow, slippery ice floors, platforming and lots of tough enemies that pack their own surprises.

The game speed has been increased.

For Update 1, our goal was to make the game a little faster, give the player more defensive options and add more strategy and tension to combat. We sped up game in both in movement speed and in combat recovery, both to the playable characters and to the enemies. This gives the game a much faster pace; and this was a heavily requested change for the game!

Safford utilizes the Codex Barrier to ward off enemy attacks.

We also added two defensive tools in the forms of Codex Block and Codex Barrier. These can be performed at any time when grounded (besides taking damage) and will block enemy attacks. The Codex Block is more precise with its timing, while the Codex Barrier is an extended version of the Codex Block, and blocks everything thrown at the player. The downside is, this costs Super Meter to perform.

We also changed the HP system to to lifebars, so each enemy attack now does different damage and hitstun to the player. This makes the game less punishing for getting hit, but we also made it possible for the player to be comboed by enemy attacks-- so player will have to be careful when surrounded! It's a nice balance between having many opportunities to move around the battlefield instead of counting your health, but also makes a player weary to join crowds of enemies without thinking; which is something we wanted to place high importance on.

On a side note, controller configuration / remapping was something that was very, very important to us; so we've taken these past few weeks to get the entire controller function to include remapping, multiple controllers, and even allowing a maximum of 2 players on a keyboard. Our solo dev (he's a crazy one) was extremely particular about these functions and sacrificed the lives of 2 gamepads for this function, so we hope the gamepad's lives are not in vain.

Thanks for reading everyone, do check out Wishmere in case you haven't already checked it out!

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