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Today, as we promised, we are ready to give you more interesting infromation about upcoming changes in Starfall Tactics!

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Today, as we promised, we are ready to give you more interesting infromation about upcoming changes in Starfall Tactics! It's definitely not even half of what we have already done, as there is simply too much for one news article. Don't worry - next news post will be even more interesting and we will share more cool things we have already done!

Control points rebalance and health bars

We did it. Once again. And we won't stop until we make sure that this part of the game is balanced properly - since it can influence the whole quick match gameplay, comeback possibility and battle dynamics. Here is the list of changes:

  • Not upgraded Control Points won't grant you Warp Points anymore.
  • To upgrade your Control Point you need to capture it with a ship and, while your ship stays in the area, push the upgrade button. If your ship leaves the Control Point area before you upgrade it, this point becomes neutral.
  • Warp Station upgrade will no longer grant additional Warp Points.
  • Now, If you play Co-op matches, every ally can upgrade control point, regardless of who captured it. Cost will be paid by the player who upgraded this point.
  • Each next Control Point you get will provide you less income. We did it to neutralize incontestable advantage you get from capturing more points than your opponent.

And, in addition to this important change, we reworked health bars - now they look even better and clearly represent the difference between dreadnought hit points and frigate hit points. We also added small skill icons you can see on the ship when it uses any special module - of course, effect will show you everything you need, so this is just a small tool to let you control the army more conveniently.

New modules

Special modules are designed to give you more tactical opportunities - each of them gives you passive or active abilities and you are able to build the whole strategy even around a couple of them. So, another dozen of new modules will give you a better choice then ever, and here are four of them:

Engine Boost is a module which increases all ship movement characteristics, including maximum speed, angular speed, accelaration speed and deceleration speed. It has a 2x2 size - a very convinient form for most ships in Starfall Tactics.

Weapon Overload module deals damage to your own structure on activation, but in exchange reduces cooldown time for all weapons installed on the ships. This thing has a usual 4x2 form making it available for many different ships.

Another passive module, a 2x4 Warp Homer, is a very good tactical feature allowing you to warp-in ships in a small zone near the ship with this module - just as your Mothership does. Perfectly fits support (SpecOps) ships.

Sensor Disabler module has a pretty self-descriptive name - on activation it disables all sensors of a target ship. So, it can make a single ship lose it's vision, but since it's a 2х4 module, it fits better on SpecOps ships.

Halley Eclipse frigate

And, as a bonus infromation for this week, we will show you a new Eclipse frigate - Halley! It's going to be a very heavy ship with a good defence level, but in exchange its firepower will be average.

Get ready for the next news article since we are going to give much more interesting infromation about development progress and upcoming features!

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