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1869 in the New Mexico desert... Jessie and his friends are in a hot pursuit, leading them to a godforsaken hellhole "Hopetown".

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1869 in the New Mexico desert ...

Jessie and his friends are in a hot pursuit, leading them to a godforsaken hellhole "Hopetown".

The murderers should have arrived a few days ago by trail and must’ve quickly scurried to a Pueblo settlement about a mile away. According to the information that Jessie had, the bandits are hiding with one of the members mothers, in hopes to not be tracked down. As per usual in life, nothing is ever as it seems…
This is so in this instance…
Jessie has tracked them down and wants to settle his debts. All with be paid with blood. Their blood. That is as certain as an amen in a church.

Jessie and his companions get off the train, covered in dust, at what may be called a ‘train station’ in this part of the west.

He stares off into the distant desert at their destination, the Pueblo settlement.

He can see a tall bell tower that has seen better days. Perhaps it is a now ruined relic of a once magnificent church. Furthermore, structures of varying sizes and shapes can be recognized on the hills, from dilapidated, stand-alone, double story, to large buildings that are connected with mud walls.

Where in this maze of houses, ruins and walls could the murderers be hiding?

Maybe they are hiding with the mother of the member and are sitting in one of the dirt houses, or maybe they are crawling in one of the countless cellars. Rumor has it that the houses are partly connected by secret underground passages. They could also be in an ancient crypt under the old bell tower?

One thing is for sure, it will be a treacherous and brutal fight, one man at a time, between the tightly packed houses and walls. Death and destruction will be lurking around every corner!

Jessie and his fearless companions set out on their way. Vultures circling in the skies above in anticipation for a feast of bodies. Obviously, Jessie and his men aren’t the only ones to know a bloodbath is near.

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