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Last weeks were very intense: after a lot of changes and a new pooling system, all for a performance purpose, the game result to be.. slower! :| ..hard work bring it to the right way. Let's see what was all about...

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Last weeks were an explosion of code fixing, bugs and more things that made the game's FPS for a week end + some days stay extremely low.
The main problem was with the atlas created with NGUI and the depth of the widget: panels with the same depth kill the fps so it was necessary to revise all sprites groups. Then also the new enemies manager gives some problem with the collisions, but a rapid check on the player character controller script fix everything - at least until next testing phase :P

Here's the list of all things done:

  • fixed the pop-up enemies > no more broken rotation and no more walks/runs with the wrong animation
  • fixed bug on the rock enemies > when in "closed" mode sometimes the behavior was strange and you couldn't destroy them
  • a completely new enemies manager classes/prefab + obj polling for every enemy type, the bullets, the rocks, spikes..
  • fixed enemies animations on heroes dead > some move even if the animation was wrong or just fall down from the backgrounds
  • fixed a MEGA bug on some scaled enemies > the collision detection didn't work (here: tks unity guide ;) ) on scaled objects

Colossus Escape < bug fixing

  • flying enemies > now swing, up and down, a bit
  • fixed bug on high resolution (w > 800) > mountains positioned on the screen left border had a wrong X +the flying arrow on resolution change didn't update the start position

Colossus Escape < bug fixing

  • updated revmod API > find out current version was uBer old :| and the manifest has some errors that cost me 2 days of develpment >_<
  • bug on tutorial > if skipped on tutorial's enemies, the game explode > when the special enemies die it forced the tutorial to continue, even if the game was running

Colossus Escape < bug fixing

  • minor fix on HUD stuff > with the "new" NGUI (I used a old version because the project was frozen for a while) I had to fix different things like events and sprite depths
  • fixed bomb script > the bomb has the wrong Z (= was not visible)
  • added a collider to the QUIT alert - the btns on the background were clickable and broke the menu
  • super bug with NGUI widget > fixed ALL the depth of the widget on menus, intro, in-game... - what a mess :|
  • fixed a bug on the android back button press > the page didn't go back
  • changed a bit the Infinity mode (start to slow and boring) and the Turbo mode (less spikes and different number of red rocks)
  • new enemy type : barricade
  • new "oscillation" behavior
  • new super moves > in progress ;)
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