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Yay, Super Brick Bros 2 is almost finished! Wait, wtf is Super Brick Bros 2?

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Super Brick Bros 2: A Machine for Bricks TURBO! is a ridiculous game I've been working on since at least October of last year. It's sort of an adventure-ish, game in which you interact with a brick that spouts inanity, non sequiturs and insults all the while dragging you along to various location around the world and beyond. I suppose you could describe it as a talking-brick-simulator. Guaranteed to possibly supply seconds, maybe even minutes of enjoyment!

I made a cool icon for it too. Well, I like it anyway.

It’s a brick, see?

I was packaging up the desktop versions of Super Brick Bros 2: A Machine for Bricks TURBO! last night. While doing so I discovered a problem with the fonts so unfortunately, I have to replace all the text with sprites instead of proper, scaling TrueType fonts.

Sprite fonts suck. Also, I don’t know how to version my builds.

You can’t see it in the small image above but at full size, there are nasty speckly glitches around the sprite fonts. It's an ugly solution and an unfortunate limitation of Construct 2. Also, there are no returns, tabs or any other useful text editing tools. You want regular type AND italics? Paragraphs? Multiple font colours? HA! C2's font and text options are less than ideal or even adequate. It is not adventure-type game friendly. The original unreleased Brick Adventures by Amon26 will be included. You’ll get the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions in one bundle. I'm probably going to release the whole mess on itch.io.

Unreleased Brick Adventures screenshot. Pure magic.

After that, I'll get to work on the Android version. The Android Sbb2 will likely have more dialog and an extra location or two which will be backported as an update to the desktop release.

Until next time, don't look a brick horse in the mouth, or something like that.

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