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Here are some screenshots from the Windows port of Mudslide Cowboy. We will also be porting this version to Linux & Mac.

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Our Windows port of Mudslide Cowboy is almost ready to go live, & we'd like to share some screenshots and our simple demo video which we recently put together to show all you desktop gaming aficionados what to expect from this title:

So here we are chasing that menacing man in his menacing balloon..

Windows Port - New Screens

And here we are gathering all those precious coins...

Windows Port - New Screens

And here's a shot of the store where you can spend that hard earned in-game currency to acquire more lives, upgrade your max health etc. There are no IAPs in this version, all currency is handled within the game itself.

Windows Port - New Screens

And here's a glimpse of the pop-up menu system in the levels:

Windows Port - New Screens

And that's it for the screenshots! Video coming soon also... We hope you like what you see, and will post again once the Windows version is available.

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