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We recently held a playtest session where we invited people to give our game a go. Read bellow to see why holding playtests can be incredibly useful for your game!

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Let me start of by thanking everyone who has played Will of the Gods and given us feedback in the last few months. We truly appreciate all the support.

We always get surprised with the way new players learn and play our game, giving us valuable information that allows us to improve the game. Our latest public test was held in Breda, The Netherlands and we received a lot of great feedback from both new and older WotG players. A memorable moment was when players had all the modifiers active, resulting in many earthquakes and lightning strikes. At the end of the 5 minutes, both players had managed to score zero points! The frequent lightning strikes just kept resetting the playing field. It was chaotic and very funny to see but of course, a balancing issue that will need to be solved.


Of course, it’s not just the feedback and tips that we love. Seeing people have fun with our game is even more important. It gives us more motivation to make this one kickass game. One of my favourite moments was when players were playing with the Cloudy modifier and couldn’t see what was happening in the middle of the map. Both players sent their biggest group to the middle, only to be confused because they couldn’t get out of the middle anymore. Then when the clouds had disappeared, it turned out that the two groups had equalized. When they realized what had happened, they quickly rushed new units in to capture the heathens.


We let players fill in a small survey as well and the results were very positive. Just from this event, we were able to make many quality of life changes and we discussed a lot of balancing issues the next day. By adding more feedback as time goes on, we are also noticing that gameplay is actually starting to feel juicy and satisfying, something that we really value as it gives players a much better gameplay experience. We might have some bigger gameplay surprises coming up as well in the future. So, stay tuned and see you next time!

- Comrade Darko, Designer

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