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Post news RSS Wild Terra 2. Early Access has begun!

You can start playing now, before Steam Early Access launch.

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The servers are running. There will be no more wipes in Early Access!

We are worried that we did not manage to do much of what we promised you for the Early Access launch. Game development is a complex process in which it is impossible to consider all the difficulties that will have to be faced. This is especially true for such small teams as ours - only four people are working on the game.

Our plans are still up to date with many major Early Access updates!
- Further improvements to Farming, Fishing, Cooking, and the addition of Livestock.
- A new continent every season! With its own conditions, inhabitants, dungeons, resources, and rewards. We plan to launch the first season by June 2021.
- Even more elements for building houses, creating furniture and decor.
- Special activities for solo players.
- Skills Cartography, Witchcraft, Bard, improvements of Healing.
- Improved combat system with even more variety of equipment, abilities, and roles.
- New types of weapons and skills to use them: Crossbows, Two-handed, Polearms, Weapons in both hands, Throwing bombs, Staffs and Musical instruments.
- Castle sieges and PvP tournaments.
- Guild improvement. Special dungeons with activities, bosses, and rewards. Guild Wars.

Packs will be available for purchase until January 28th, 9:00 am PST! Hurry up and get unique pets, mounts, helmets, cloaks, and other rewards that can no longer be obtained in any other way. Soon these rewards will become real rarities! (you can also get rewards from multiple packs on one account)

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