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Quite a bit of initial feedback suggested the game was very easy. I want to keep the game fun for casual players, but appease others. Introducing 'Extreme Mode'.

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Wild Kiwi has not been out long, but the initial feedback I've had from testers and from the first few live players of the game suggest it is a rather easy. That's cool, making the game appeal to casual gamers was one of the goals. However, for those who want more of a challenge, I've now added what I'm calling 'Extreme Mode'!!!11

Extreme Mode has a few changes and features to make your Kiwi's life much more tricky.

  • A much higher initial difficulty - You're getting more stuff on screen at once that you need to dodge.
  • Faster difficulty increases - Each increase in difficulty is currently double that of the regular game mode.
  • No ground to save you! - In regular gameplay, you've got that nice, safe grassy ground to rely upon. It is reassuring, plain and safe. In Extreme Mode, your wild kiwi has no such safety net - the ground is replaced by water, with instant drowning if you go too low! So keep tapping!

To enabled Extreme Mode, just check the 'Extreme Mode' checkbox in the bottom left just after you start Wild Kiwi. The ground will disappear, the difficulty will increase and you'll be in for challenge.

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