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Wiggity Wings, the free Mac/Windows/Linux game has been updated. It should be a tiny bit easier to unlock a few secrets....not by too much though!

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Wiggity Wings is a difficult game.

It's especially difficult to unlock all the secrets in the game. The secret levels are also difficult. This latest build makes it a tad bit easier to unlock all the secrets.

Not that much, but a little bit.

As a side note, I will be impressed if people find the secret levels in the game!

Wiggity Wings Video One - Indie DB

Windows Version
Wiggity Wings - Windows Version

Linux Version
Wiggity Wings - Linux Version

Mac Version
Wiggity Wings - Mac Version

And if you like the music you here in the game, or feel like you want to support my game development and music composition, check out the soundtrack that I composed for it. It contains 14 tracks and is only $3. All of the music in the game in included on the soundtrack, including a couple of songs made just for the soundtrack, Extra Dew and Father Cloud!



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