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Post news RSS Why you should try THE PUZZLE, when the game is released

For starters it is rated 10/10 by my little sister.

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In all honesty I have a bit of a list of why you should try this game when it is released.

- It will be very difficult

- Puzzles!

- Makes you think

- Will make you wonder what your doing with your life

- A great way to pass the time!

- you will die a bunch!

- After floor 5 all levels will change to reduce repetition

- You can brag to others about how far you've made it

- we need more hard games that don't provide a "easy" mode

- 1 life

- If you like those old 2D graphics

- Plenty of levels to rage about

- not a virus

- Doesn't require a super computer to play

- The music!

- small jokes

- Can't rush the game


- Made by a friendly guy

- I'm asking you nicely :)

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