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There hasn't been any progress since 2014, I've been away with other stuff in life, and basically this project is archived for now.

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Dunno how many people will see this article, but for those who knew about this project, it was kinda obvious that it's been abandoned for years. No news, no progress, nothing. In fact none of my old team's "members" were even real game developers except for two if I recall correctly. That includes me. When I started with this, I was just a 16 years old teenager with too much hype, imagination and with absolutely no clue about game design nor resources whatsoever. This led to a realistic conclusion that I just couldn't even begin with the project, so it will be archived for the time being.

Huge thanks for everyone who helped and worked on the project, it makes me sad that in the end your work was simply wasted, but still I really appreciated it, it did motivate me for a while, even if it was a lost cause.

Sincerely, I'm sorry.

Now, I don't want to call this project dead, (even if in many ways it kinda is...) because it will simply stay dormant until the day I bring further news. Don't know when, expect them to come in a few more years.

I've been thinking, planning, and working on the idea this "game project" was based on for a very long while, which was it's story, the setting, the lore and the narrative in general. It became bigger and bigger, and will become way bigger, so this project, ultimately, is very ambitious, so I decided it will not begin as a videogame, but a series of books. I'm probably giving too much info on the matter, but what I mean is that this project isn't completely dead, just being worked on "the shadows" all by myself.

If by any chance you are interested on the matter, you can try to contact me by sending a PM to me. Especially if you're a writer, world builder, storyteller, etc.

Thanks for reading this, and again sorry for any possible inconveniences about it.

Sincerely, Ray Calitri

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