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Post news RSS Why the lack of updates on Devin's Quest

I explain why there hasn't been any updates on Devin's Quest and what the situation of it is currently like.

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Hello. Today I thought that I'd give an update on why there hasn't been any news on Devin's Quest. Well, I've made the decision to stop working on Devin's Quest in GameMaker. I'm not going to stop working on it all together, it's just not going to be made in GameMaker any more. There are a couple of reasons behind this, one being that there are some features that I want in it that I can't do in GameMaker with my current level of experience. Also, with my friend Erik joining me in programming games now, we've decided to move Devin's Quest so it's made in Unity instead. Work on it however wont be until Y.o.l.o. is done. Depending on how well things go, I may or may not decide to work on Project X09 instead of Devin's Quest first, mostly because it's been over a year since I've began to think of idea's for it. I feel like I've neglected X09, I really want to make it. It would be one game that I'd be proud of no matter what the out come. The 2 games that I really want to make are The Story of Underthor and Project X09. I'm not going to work on TSoU at all until I have enough experience with making games to do it justice. Project X09 on the other hand would be a good game to gain experience from. I also feel like I have enough game dev experience now to fully do it justice. All in all don't expect much activity from Devin's Quest for a while.

That's all for now, until next time, I'm Uwould222 signing off.

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