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Hey guys another small update on what has been getting done, and now that its summer time i know have more time to get ahead. But I have some big news on features within the gameplay that I have been keeping to myself recently.

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So far since I last spoke with you this is what has progressed

Power Center is now at 70% mapping

The Red Army is now at 50% mapping

Now for the big news. For a while now I have been busting my ass in creating new models, new sounds, and new music for Necrosis and it is finally showing me a bit of success.

After chapter 1 of Necrotic (The Nightmare) Necrotic will be turned into a full conversion as it will be need for me to add new sound UI, multiple hand held objects, New models, and to mash in a character and events from none other then Metro 2033.

Yes, metro 2033 will meet amnesia by chapter 2 of Necrotic

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