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This is where I'll put the updates on my progress of my full conversion mod.

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January 27, 2015:

I'LL BE GONE between Jan 28-Feb 1 on a much needed vacation. I won't be checking up on this during those dates, so if you have any complaints, problems, or issues, resort to online videos, or look through the comment section for a possible solution.

Thanks for those that played it so far and enjoyed it, despite some of the initial problems. It was my first mod, and I feel that for being the first mod I've ever made, it actually had less problems than I thought it would. Most of it was people just hating the fact that if you click on the tape recorders more than once, the audio keeps playing. I have a couple things to say about that. First, if you're so impatient that you need to click on things 600 times, you should play clicker games like Cookie Click or something. There's no need to spam your mouse for any game except spamming-based games. Second, the mechanic is realistic. Of course, in real life you'd need to re-wind the tape recorder to play it back, but you're able to constantly replay the tape until the recorder or the tape breaks, so sorry, but the game has a lot of aspects that mimic the realism of actual life, along with aspects that don't mimic real life.

Again sorry for the initial problems, thanks to those who enjoyed it, and thanks to those who didn't. This was a learning experience, thank you for giving my mod a try. Thank you to those who let's played, thank you to those who've voted and have left comments. You guys are great, the good, bad and ugly. :)

ProNairam - - 32 comments

I understand, but PLEASE LET IT BE SOON!! :D

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Guest - - 699,797 comments

hey there, i just wanted to say
lol. reading your updates made me feel so bad, i mean u were saying u didnt eat much and then u had a lot of stress.
dont stress yourself too much. take breaks and do whatever u feel like doing as well to relax. its ur health!
i can wait. and im sure the others can wait too :)

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ProNairam - - 32 comments

I PM you on testing it but you havent got back to me yet, just letting you know

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