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WHEN? What is wrong with goblins? How much money should I spend? Answers to all these questions you will learn in this announcement.

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Greetings everyone! As you probably know, our release is coming. That’s why we decided to create this small announcement and to give you an information about some features we didn’t have time to finish or we decided to defer until future updates of the mod. We will also give you a complete list of required DLC’s and, of course, the release date. Certainly, it will be written in the very end to make you read everything before it… or to give you an opportunity to just simply scroll down all this crap and read the thing you really want to know.

Well, let’s start with some bad news. Or, more precisely, with things which you will not see in the first version of the mod for any reason (we’ll explain why we decided to defer each of these mechanics). Unfortunately, it isn’t a short list, but we hope to finish everything from it in the future.

  • Playable dragons. We want to make their gameplay to feel like something really special and unique, so that is why they’re not available for playing now.
  • Playable Gnomeregan and goblin cartels. We planned to make them republics with special in-game mechanics, but, unfortunately, it is still in the ToDo-list. Nonetheless, there are several playable gnomes and goblins if you are interested in these races.
  • Customizable portraits of many races. At this moment, there are about 50 races in the mod and they still need portraits. Such amount of characters, to put it mildly, is a huge challenge for every artist. The majority of races will have placeholder portraits with a WoW model instead of a painted face.
  • Azjol-Nerub. Perhaps, you saw it in our screenshots. It has to be removed from the game because of our lack of time. We want to make it so that it feels like the real heart of the spider empire with its unique atmosphere.
  • Exploration and colonization. Yes-yes, we even have a developers’ diary about it, if you remember. After we had added Kalimdor into the game, we understood that there are not so many places to colonize, at most 5-7 provinces. The Explorer title itself (like a title of an advisor) feels unfinished now and it’s not quite prepared to be presented in the game.
  • Shattered/Random World and Ruler Designer. Things are rather simple there. We are not sure that they will work correctly; however, we will probably not delete these functions so you will be able to use them at your own risk.
  • The War of Three Hammers and earlier bookmarks. We often told that we have plans for it, but we didn’t finish it. It still requires an enormous amount of work, even though we have already tried to start it earlier. In the release version of the mod, there will be only two available bookmarks: The First War and the Reign of Chaos.
  • Half-bloods and interracial marriages. This mechanics is still far from ideal, so its elements were cut out from the game: you won’t be able to enter into marriage with representatives of other races. Daddy Garithos will be pleased.

I probably haven't mentioned some more things because I simply forgot about them, or because we still have some time before the release. Everything might happen. As you see, there are lots of things to work on. This also applies to the English localization of the mod that is still being worked on. If you want to help us by any possible means, just contact Zumbak#9042 in Discord. We will be really grateful for your help in improving the quality of the mod :3

Now let’s move to the most expensive part of the announcement. The list of the DLC’s required for the proper work of the mod.

  • Horse Lords
  • Reaper's Due
  • Monks and Mystics

Remember that without them our mod WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY. Many mechanics may cause bugs or do not work at all.

Well, the time has come to tell you about one more thing… the release date! By a democratic discussion and voting between the developers, the “Day X” was set to 25 December 2018. You may ask why 25 December. I have no idea! It seems to me as a Catholics’ and Protestants’ conspiracy! However, who am I to challenge my new masters’ will?

We have a month of work ahead so we will spare no effort to polish the mod even harder. Thank you for your devoted support and long waiting.


kindly thanks for taking your time to make this mod!

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Yes, thanks!

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Good to hear! keep up the good work.

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Very ambitious mod!
I love it!

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