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It’s time for the second update of Dodge A Pill! It got a thrilling new game mode and challenging achievements and more!

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Game modes

The first update added some strategy to the Survival mode via the Power-ups. Now, let’s add some more with Score Gamble. In this mode, you can stop the game anytime with space. Your score is then multiplied by your current multiplier. Will you risk to loose everything because you think you can get your multiplier higher or just stop the game now and save what you’ve done?


You could see its button on the main screen from the first version of the game, here they are!


Slow Motion duration as well as the time a life stay on ground got doubled. Also, the duration a red pill stay on ground and you stay shocked after you’ve got hit by a yellow pill is now directly related to the game difficulty.Bug-fix, new SFX, new sprites and animations.

What else?

What are you still doing here? Go play it on Kongregate!

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