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About a month ago we said this game was close to release but we never got to the point where it was out. We are ready to talk about why we are waiting.

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For the past month we have had Project Getaway just sitting on our computer not being touched waiting for 1 simple thing, that thing was sound. The game was finished but soundless. We begged our sound designer to work on it and he said he was, but for a while now we have had no reply from him.

So now we are ready to announce that he is not working on the sound. This gives us a harder choice: either release the game soundless make a free sound add-on, or we delay the game further in the hopes of getting a sound designer that is able to work on the game further.

We would like community input on what we should do as you are the people playing the game. Feel free to reply to this post with what you think we should do.

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