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A description of what will be implementing in the next version of Legend of Karnn.

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Hey there! For the next release of Legend of Karnn, I'll be introducing an inventory system plus maybe NPC animations if my artist gets back to me by that time.

Now I reckon this will be uploaded in the next week or two! I already have the inventory code from another project of mine that I stopped. Putting it in could take around a day or two but the main task here will be reorganising all off the code (as to be honest it was done very sloppy last time round).

The main reasons for redoing most of it will be to properly implement slot loading and items. For my board I have 640 possible positions that the player can walk in and for the inventory I plan to do it with this method as it's very code efficient; my last attempt with the inventory system was very messy with the code and looking back, could be done much better.

When I say that the next version will have inventory it will include the following:

  • Several varieties of items/weapons/armour (these won't affect stats or anything when first implemented).
  • Specific slots for potions, weapons/armour, misc items and quest items (the last two might be combined).
  • Equipping and un-equipping of weapons/armour.
  • As there will be several types of item (consumable, quest, wearable, aesthetic) these will all do their own thing when used by the player!

So yeah, expect something within the next week or two! Thank you very much for reading through this! :D


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