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Das Geisterschiff is planned for release in Summer 2017, while the release of a playable demo (Der Geisterjäger) is planned for February.

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Hello everyone!

As the summary suggests, the demo is fairly close to release and the technical parts of the engine are all up and running. All left to do is the majority of content and some small technical bits.

Der Geisterjäger will feature a short map set on Earth, which should take less than an hour to beat -- a short, but sweet taste of things to come. Das Geisterschiff, on the other hand, is expected to feature about 4 hours of gameplay -- a fair offer to those looking for a challenge.

Why not make the game longer, you may ask? Let me respond with a question -- how many games that take 60+ hours have you enjoyed all the way until the end? How long did it take since the gameplay got stale? Would you prefer a short, but sweet game or a long drag through more of the same?

Instead of offering a wide cast of NPCs, megabytes of written dialogue, hours of scripted cutscenes, the game offers you something that a lot of games never deliver -- raw gameplay and a fair challenge. Can you survive without a helping hand and complete your mission, no matter the odds? Are you that good without health packs/regeneration, ammo pickups, level-ups and a constant reminder that no matter what you do wrong, you can still go back to the last checkpoint and fix your mistakes?

But in this case, you're on your own, whether you like it or not.

Again, Der Geisterjäger is planned for release in February 2017 and Das Geisterschiff is planned for release in June 2017. Consider following the progress -- there are a lot of good news ahead.

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