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Into the Radius release notes for the Early Access launch.

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Overall the main goals for Early Access was to make the game more immersive and focus on playability and functionality over style and cosmetics.

- Now you can walk direct from the Hub to the Radius, without any loading screen.
- When the mission is complete you still need to make it back safely and sell your loot.

We want there to be a good feeling of challenge and struggle to survive. We realize this is going to take some balancing, and your feedback will really help us determine where that balance should be.

Same goes with the pricing and loot, we want to make sure that you're getting enough loot to survive, while making it a worthy challenge to find and profit from what you find in the Radius.

What's New:

Death & Taxes

- Now when you die, you lose all your gear. So be cautious about what you bring with you to the Radius
- The Death Realm is introduced. This will have much more significance and be further explored as we introduce more of the story into the game.
- Now you have to pay a weekly Maintenance fee to upkeep the base.

Art & Player

- The Detector model has been replaced
- Ongoing improvements in art and effects (Sigil anomaly has improved visuals effect, New factory buildings, etc.)
- There are still a lot of placeholder and untextured items in the game, we'll be replacing all those with finished items over the next few months.
- Mostly all the hand interaction poses are now complete, only a few specific animations are missing.
- Hand and Body Inverse Kinematics improved, hands now bend and twist in more realistic manner

Gameplay & Balance

- The Repair mechanic has been introduced, so now you can pay to repair damaged gear
- The Shop has been replaced, there's still a lot of placeholder here, but overall the whole shop will be an automated/vending system.
- The shop now features a Recovery Booth where you can heal up for a fee
- Now the shop features the much-requested Energy Drink, it gives you a 10 minute buff to your Energy level to help you stay awake longer!
- We've introduced the Cassette player, which will start to play a larger role in the storyline and feature real voice acting in the months to come.
- Enemies now drop a type of artifact that can be sold as loot or used for mission goals.

Again we want to thank everyone for the support, be sure to buy the game this week while it's 30% off and leave a review!

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