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Next week is the last playtesting section before the game expo, based on the last week, we will determine everything we will have for our expo! Welcome everyone nearby to come and take a look!

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What's new?

Improve menu and statistics aesthetic to fit the theme.

Modify the game world, add 2 extra launcher to bring more fun, and 2 extra triggers to trigger the launcher.

Fix bugs: the flag can get stuck on the obstacle.

Fix bugs: players can get into the wall.

Fix bugs: players can get stuck on the wall.

Add two walls in the arena that players cannot go through.

Add another ramp towards the base.

Add visual effects for bumping.

What's the motivation?

For last week's version, there are few mechanisms to help people to score, so players are all stuck in one place, trying to throw the flag into the base, but they just can't. As a result, people get tired of our game and it never ends. Therefore, we decide to design the map again. First, we add two other ramps, so that people have another choice to walk into their base. Although the second ramp is relatively longer than the first ramp, it is a safer choice. Second, we add two walls inside the arena, which forces the players to use the center platform to pass from their born place to their goal. Therefore, players will have more interaction with their enemies. Third, we add two extra "attacking" launcher, which has the chance to throw you and the flag directly into your base, therefore, there will be more strategy to use.

What's next?

Fix all the remaining bugs we get from the last playtesting.

Test our game a lot!

Add some juicy effect.

Keep working on the statistics.

Do some decoration on the arena.

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