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Legal issues prevent me from using the name "Sprout" for my game, so I am asking the Greenlight community their opinion on whether to relaunch or simply repurpose the existing Greenlight page.

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What's in a name...?

(taken directly from the Steam Greenlight page for Sprout)

...Apparently everything. I recently discovered that the name "Sprout" is already trademarked and I run the risk of legal trouble if I am to continue with it's usage. I have already chosen a new name for the game and have developed the new logo which I will be presenting officially at the end of the week.

I wouldn't have got to where I was with this Steam page without the amazing support of you guys so I need to ask your advice for my next step. I have 2 roads to take at this point and I want to give you every single ounce of my respect and ask your opinion of what road I should take.

Road One:

Re-launch Sprout with it's new name, logo, and an updated trailer on Greenlight as a SEPARATE project. This means I will lose the current comments, votes and announcements I've made so far. If you've voted YES for Sprout, you would have to vote YES again when it appears on Greenlight with the new name. This is the path I would prefer to take as it gives me a chance to start fresh, and though I would lose the existing votes, I have a feeling it wont take long to get back to where I am.

Road Two:

Simply rename this project with the new name / reupload a new video, logo, etc. This means I can keep the comments, votes, and announcements on this page, but it also means that I don't have a second chance at the home page, which may make a difference. (when i launched this page, we were buried on the home page as Steam was going through some temporary server issues, so Sprout didn't get the traffic it could have normally, unfortunately).

Let me know what you think. My choice is Road One, but I deeply respect your opinions.. if that is at all offensive to you the majority of you guys, I will avoid that path. If you don't think it's a problem to vote again, or don't care either way, I am infinitely in your debt and will make sure the relaunch is awesome, and you are made aware of it in case you would like to throw another vote down.

Thank you so much for your support to this point, I appreciate every single comment and vote. The game is coming together so nicely & I look forward to sharing the public demo with you once it's ready. The new title and logo is pretty damn slick too, I cant wait to share that!

Infinite Respect,


I guessed you would have legal issues, there was another indie called sprout that had to change its name.

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Also i would go for option 2, its still the same game, your not false name changing like the warz to get attention, so keep your backers and fix the legal issue, they will understand.

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