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I decided that it's been too long since I posted information regarding Arania and what I'm doing to the Aranian world, so here's some information regarding current progress.

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Well, as the summary says, I think it's been too long since I posted any content regarding Arania, so here's my first article of 2013 detailing how things are looking:

'Arania - Forgotten Lands' is most certainly in development. Unfortunately I've just not really been one for posting a lot about it as of late.
We're currently experiencing the major issue that we have no one on the graphics side of things, and frankly I have no intentions of learning to do 3D modelling or creating great GUI's on my own if I'm doing all the programming (which is most certainly what I'd rather be doing). Frankly with the complete lack of budget I'm not exactly going to pay someone to do the work, and I'd consider paying someone I barely know to be a bit impersonal, and that's not how I like to work, so it won't happen.
However, if any of you are interested / know someone who is interested in trying your/their hand at doing part of our graphics work, then please just message me here or drop a comment on this article and I'm sure to check it regularly and get back to you.
Currently I'd be looking for people to fill the role(s) of:
Lead Artwork
3D models & Animation
2D Artwork (Mainly GUI atm, but later skins if the 3D Model creators can't do it)

Now I'm not looking for professionals on this job, just people willing to learn the skills required to make the content.

Now moving on, I have personally started the coding of Arania - Forgotten Lands and I continue to do the programming. At the moment I see no serious issue on the horizon of keeping a good pace, as frankly I see no huge community demanding an update at the moment (I live in hope however).
I'm hoping that if we can get someone to start on graphics, then I can get a V0.1 alpha version out sometime, as I could probably have a working V0.1 inside a month or two if I had the graphics to actually load into it so it's not a black-screen or just lines of text.

I'd expect that I'm going to start releasing issues of this "What's happening in Arania" from time to time. I don't think it will be at regular intervals, but rather just whenever I have a few paragraphs of information to throw at fans to release to the public.

I hope to publish more content here on moddb.com, as it's currently the only serious source for outputting information that I have, since I don't use my twitter enough to have reason to promote it, and our facebook page is still rather lacking in likes. I reckon updates will really kick off if I get a couple of people doing graphics, but until then it's probably going to mostly be text-based info from your overlord dev me.

Well, I think I've written enough for a first issue. Stay tuned and track the game!


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