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So guys quick update on whats happening at this very moment in time and what to expect!

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Before I explain what's happening. Less then a day left to try out the small demo I released!I will be taking it down and uploading a new demo over the next couple of weeks!Remember it is a demo with a small amount of things to try out.It is to get players opinions on the mechanics and gameplay so far. :)

So to move on to the big stuff!Crafting has now officialy been finished!It is in its bearbones stage but it is usable!As you can see in the image I have a ground made whoop!When something is created, you use the numpad keys 2 and 8 to move it up and down into a position your comfortable with.Also finally added some very basic footstep sounds in.There as glitchy as hell but soon to be fixed I promise!I will be releasing a hidden hint in either an article or demo over the next few weeks of the enemy A.I to expect!The A.I will be one of the three biggest things that make TTS a different Game!So look forward to what's to come become much is planned for the future!

And again guys try out the demo!Get a feel of the game and if anything bugs you.Put it in the comments.All opinions on the game help greatly in production.Thanks for the support so far!Adios!

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