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Just a quick development update and information on version 0.2

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You may have noticed a lack of updates about this mod recently and we'd like to inform anyone who was worried about the continued future of this mod that Development is till ongoing despite ongoing challenges in the lives of us the developers. Wardenstein and I (Alxgrossmonster) have had extremely busy schedules since the release of 0.1. Development of the mod takes both of us (often working at the same time) to complete especially as more complicated things (like events) need to be added. We have had conflicting schedules for the past couple of months and were unable to set aside a common time for mod work and development. This however will hopefully end this summer as our schedules even out. That is when I expect we will be able to release version 0.2.

What we are hoping to add and fix in Version 0.2:

  • Attempt to fix issue with German States Capitol not being in New York
  • Add "High Castle Functionality" to the WWII bookmarks conquer events
  • Add some High Castle themed events into the High Castle bookmark.
  • Add/change more GUI elements
  • Split up Japan and Germany into smaller puppet states to help combat the EXTREME performance issues users have been facing
  • Attempt to fix the "canal bug"
  • Give fleshed out tech trees to the "American Territories"
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

We hope to at least implement a majority of the improvements to the mod.

PLEASE NOTE: that this mod is provided as a debug type build and DOES NOT reflect the quality of the finished product.

We hope you continue to follow our development

If you like what we do perhaps download the mod from our website and US and Canadian players can download our mod with swastikas and we get a small kickback from every download. Or if you would rather directly support us perhaps donate to us through PayPal which the link to can also be found on our website.

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