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The demo will be releasing soon... but what's in it?

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Oki Doki, nine year olds!

The demo is approaching... but when? And what will be in it?

Right now, the final game is around 50-60% complete. Most of act one is done. Even more of act two is done (oops). The demo will end at the end of act one. So what needs to be finished in act one?

This is what I need to finish in act one...

  • Songs: "Play With Me", "Okay Everyone" (poem reading versions only), "My Feelings", and "My Confession".
  • Most background images
  • Act 0-2 revisions and fixes, act 3 ending, act 4, act 5, all poem reading sessions, all character exclusive scenes
  • Finish up T-Sayories' faces.
  • Various music revisions
  • some other things I probably can't remember, lol

If you guys have any ideas in terms of music, please let me know. If I can finish all of the text by tomorrow (April 1st), I will release it with some things unfinished. Other than that, I like how it is so far, and I hope you'll think the same.

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