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What will and what won't be in an initial release?

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So here I will quickly tell you what I included in an initial release

- All CWE cold war mechanics converted into Germany-USA Cold War scenerio.

- "Deoccupation" of Russia + a few events for Russia.

- Basic events for conflicts in Europe - French and Polish Civil Wars, Czechoslovak missile crisis, War in Switzerland, Question of Italian Unification.

- Content for Germany up into mid 80's including space "race" (well, Germany has upper hand in it) - You can expect an unique event every few years.

- A bit revamped CWE economy - I hope Factories will be more profitable now.

- Changed mobilisation mechanic - now it is independent from number of normal divisions so you can draft massive army during major conflicts.

- Revamped NWO-CWE, ideologies inspired by DH and Kaiserreich mod.

- Some map changes in Europe to make province shapes apropriate for the scenario.

Things I want to add in the future

- Events for asian crises - Japanese Civil war, Sino-American (split) conflict over Manchuria and military bases, Indian War of Independence (currently starts with ceasefire), possibly Indonesian conflict over former Dutch posessions occupied by the UK and Australia.

- More flavour for Major countries like US, France and UK, but not only them

- More flavourfull descriptions (If i find someone who can write them, I am prety bad in figuring them out :P).

- Something in Latin America - I don't want this region to be so boring!

- Possible "lore" revisions and improvements.

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