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If you’ve click on the game to check out what the game is about then thank you! Getting eyes on the game at thisbstage is secondary, but its great to see interest. Let’s talk details.

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Note: The game is in VERY early development. Screenshots dont depict the finished product.

First off, thank you for checking us out. It’s fantastic to see the interest already. If you havent checked the site for the game then please do: Armstycoon.vikingsizegamer.com

This game is a projext that was inspires by other tycoon games but with a different take. We’re looking to cover over a thousand years of arms manufacturing and wars. Which is a massive job, and we’re starting by getting the core systems in place first before moving onto the events system.

Starting as a journeyman swordsmith, you’ve arrived fresh in your forge in your new village. From here you’ll get requests to craft blades of varying quality for the different social classes, earning a reputation for providing good swords. Growing reputation will unlock more opportunities down the line for special requests from kings or anonymous bidders to create the finest, or deadliest weapons in history.

But we’re not staying medieval. We’re going through to present day and beyond. Which is insane to say. This is why the game will have rolling updates to get further eras.

Let me also make this promise; no microtransactions, no paid DLC. EVER.

We’ll be launching a kickstarter when we think we have something to demo. The game art will be placeholders until we can find an artist to create the isometrix graphics we want for the game which we’re hoping to fund thriugh the kickstarter.

And thats our first article! Leave us a comment, we’d love to get to know you.

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