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Hello IndieDB users!

So around August we posted up images & news about a game we were creating. It was steampunk styled with pixel art and all this other stuff. And you know what happened? It started getting better, we had a full team working their required hours, but what happened?

1) Our artist slacked, he decided he didn't like working only the few hours he had to.
2) Our game designer went off to university.

So that left me & the other programmer, Austin, wondering where we were. We decided to just find a new game idea and run with that.

The other day I made a game in 2 hours which was about some form of surgery being performed on some weird coloured creatures, and it hit me... Why not just make a surgery game. We had a demo to take ideas from, I have IndieDB to find more artists.. It's sorted.

So I've changed a few details on here, and in the coming days I hope to post more on this game.

Thanks, Mace.

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