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A custom story aiming to be classic, Amnesia-like horror!

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The Torment is made entirely with original Amnesia: The Dark Descent assets, I don't think even Justine content was used.

One exception is the custom model made by Red Line Games! Many thanks for allowing the free usage of your beautiful work.

I started doing the custom story as a joke to my friend, but during the first few maps I actually felt passionate about doing it all the way through and make an actual immersive custom story. That's why I avoided cheap jumpscares and made it feel more like the original Amnesia horror.
The project began in October 2018, but suddenly it came to a halt when I lost my motivation for a while and I finally continued it 6 months later. And now it is here!

The custom story is mapped, scripted and designed by me with a little assistance from my brother. He helped me out with the story and the map layouts. Without him this would've been an eternity project.

I hope you enjoy the custom story and if you happen to find any bugs or issues, please report them to me.

Remember to play in a dark room with headphones for full immersion!

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