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The new 0.1.3 Update was released yesterday, but what should I add in the next one? Put your answer here!

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Hey everyone! It's me, Jason. I have a favor to ask of all of you.
If you had not played Stevens Adventure as of yet, go download the newest version and try it out!
Anyway, besides more levels, I am at a loss for what should be added to the next Beta. I would like for all of you players to go through the game and tell me what should be added. Also, I plan to add minigames, but again I am not sure what you would all want.

Steven's Adventure

So if you could, download Steven's Adventure and try it out! I am still working on sounds and BG music, but I still need all of you to tell me what else you would like in the game!

So here is a download link for the newest download!

Steven's Adventure 0.1.4 BETA

I hope you enjoy the game!

New Title Screen?

Also, one more thing. As like other indie games on the internet, I do allow this game to be played and monetized on YouTube. Another thing, If you could, check out my good friend Tony's YouTube channel. He plays Stevens Adventure and many other cool games! Here is a playthrough he made of Stevens Adventure (outdated but still good)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy Stevens Adventure!! Put glitches and suggestions in the comments!

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