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New update with a new dungeon! Plus some improvements to gameplay.

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One of the benefits of this quarantine is that it allows us to spend more time developing Kakele :) We hope everyone is doing OK!

We will start a test server soon, join us in the Discord to find out more!

The last update seems weeks ago, but it was just last week! This new update brings some balancing changes that will make the game a bit easier. Our plan is to have content up to level 1000, and players are struggling to go past level 100. After level 100, your strength mostly comes from equipments (although level does still count a bit!), and the changes in this update are based on the fact that you won't get much stronger without having good equipments in hand.

Here is the list of changes:

- You may notice the 'Shop' button. It is disabled for now as we are adding some final touches to the Premium Kakele experience! You can get more info at www.kakele.io/premium

- A new dungeon was added with 6 new monsters! The Hell!! This dungeon was being planned for a long time, and now it is available! It is very tough to get in and out of it. We don't want to spoil it now, but we will provide some spoilers via YouTube videos ;D

- The loot drop rates was increased by 4-10x. With the fix from the last update it was clear that it got very hard to make some money in the game

- The mobs are now a bit slower. This should make it easier for long distance fighting. But beware of the mobs with haste spell!

- It won't be very noticeable (because of how the probability distributions were changed), but on average you will inflict about 20% more physical damage than before. Along with that, the magical damage is also increased by 20%. Finally, the mobs strength (both physical and magical) were reduced by about 20%. Do not worry, it is still hard as hell to kill a Dragon!

- The meditation spells will now recover a lot more health and mana (5x, 10x and 15x respectively). In the future, with a Premium Account, a level 100 will be able to replenish all of their mana with it

- New Premium outfits are being added, but they are not yet available, sorry!

- Game app tweaks, such as the new player tutorial! You will see it when entering the game with a 0 experience player, or via the in-game options menu. Let us know what you think

Here is a sneak peak of a new quest that may or may not be related to the new dungeon:

Kind regards,

Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team

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