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A brief including information about lastest functions added.

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Hello! This Saturday I'm going to tell what's new since the last update!
I would get staright to the point so there it goes:

Crafting system!
This works in scheme: b + t + m = w
Let me explain:
'b' is Blueprint. From it depends, what type of weapon you will create (sniper, machine gun etc.)
't' is Tool. Weapon's overall quality depends on Tool's quality.
'm' is Material. Material changes main aspects of the weapon. For example: Wooden material, would be good for Sniper Rifles, because it would make it more accurate and reload time would be shorter.
There are some other functions to mention, but they are still under developement and need some time to make sure they fit well in the game. That should be it about crafting for now.

Dynamic lights
Making it wasn't really that hard, in fact - optimisation was harder to make. Effect is satisfactory enough, as light illuminates dark rooms when they are visible to player and it works other way - darkens rooms whether player has no line of sight to them.

Detailed maps
Game can handle much more details on maps than before. Now it is easy to add tons of content to huge maps!

Skill tree system
It works in tree fashion. Let me explain: There is root skill, that divides to other skills, that divide into even more skills. Further skills are called branches and can be divided into paths. Skills are split into: survival, battle and technology (still working on that. It would work like magic in fantasy games).

There is actually much more to tell as the code grows larger, but that should be it for now. Thanks to everyone who support this project!

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