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A quick presentation of our project, irs characteristics and some inspiration sources.

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It is a bizzarre title, isn't it?

But it is a title which explains the genre of our game: the psycho-horror.
Psycho-horror is an interesting type of horror which does not necessarily need explicit violence: the shade of a spliknot on a cold wall is psycho-horror, and does not need blood, or screams, or anything more to creep you.

Psycologico wants to be this, and something more.
Let's say that this is a game made by old-school Silent Hill and Resident Evil fans for old-school Silent Hill and Resident Evil fans. We are trying to take the best from these two fantastic horror sagas and put it in the smaller space of an RPG Maker game.

From Silent Hill, Psycologico gathers:
- The insane, distorted atmosphere.
- The amazing use of lights and shadows.
- The surrealism.
- The maniacal, dissonant music.

From Resident Evil, Psycologico gathers:
- Inspiration for ambience and settings.
- The hollow sound of music.
- The survival horror core.
- The importance of saving.

Furthermore, Psycologico is a metaludic experience, a game about games with a dark and harassing theme which refelcts on one of the most important game mechanics.

So, that's all, for now. We leave you with the Closed Alpha Prototype trailer, which you can watch here.
Keep updated and see you soon for more information, videos and pictures.

The NuraxInteractive Team.

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