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When Final Rush is released, it will be more of a service than just a game. It's the first in a series of 'continual development' games made by Strike Games, which will expand and evolve based on community interest for the game. Final Rush itself is a sci-fi survival shooter for the PC, which can be played co-op up to 4 friends.

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Final Rush is a sci-fi survival shooter that pits the player up against overwhelming odds. It can be played alone, or with up to 3 friends in Co-Op LAN games.

Final Rush rewards player skill with ingame points which can be spent on new weapons and upgrades, as they face ever-increasing waves of enemies.

When Final Rush is released, it will be more of a service than just a game. It's the first in a series of 'continual development' games made by Strike Games, which will expand and evolve based on community interest for the game. Strike will use profits from purchases to add new, free content to the game. The more people that are interested in the game, the bigger it's going to become.


We really do! We're trying to get this game out there to sell, so we can continue to expand the game at full speed, but in order to do that effectively, we need to get the game Greenlit. So if this game interests you at all, even just a little bit, then please vote for us on Steam.

You can help us out even more by telling your friends. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Any mention on Twitter, Facebook, or any social media of your choice is literally as good as giving us money right now. Comment on forums, mention us on Reddit, anything and everything helps us out a bunch!


In the futuristic world of Final Rush, players take the role of specialized Military Police Infiltrators, which resolve problems that threaten the peace of your people. Shutting down a corrupted automated factory, saving hostages from a super skyscraper, and blowing up ancient underground military bunkers are all part of the job description.

Outfitted with the latest weapons, armor, and gadgets, you'll be taking on every baddie the world can throw at you; sometimes all at once. Teamwork, tactics, and skill are the only thing standing between you and certain death.


Because Final Rush is a continual development project being made on a small, self-funded Indie Budget, the current feature set is small... at least compared to what we have planned. If you were to buy the game right now, this is what you'd get:

  • The Final Rush FRAMEWORK - currently most of the effort of making Final Rush has been in setting up a framework for the basic gameplay, which will allow new content and better gameplay.
  • 3 Levels in the Corporate Tileset - a futuristic automated factory and supply facility which has been taken over by a corrupted Artificial Intelligence. This theme has various robots as enemies. Including a massive tower of robotic death as the final boss. 3 Levels are complete, more are under construction.
  • The RUSH game mode - where the better you are, the more rewards you get, but the more difficult the enemies become. Fight through 15 massive waves of enemies, each bigger and tougher than the last, fighting dozens of attackers at once, and finish off with a massive boss fight.
  • 9 Weapons - fight your enemies with 9 different weapons, each suited to one of 3 different play styles. You can also fight your attackers with melee attacks, grenades which can have a variety of special effects; different kinds of effect ammo, and of course, the room clearing high powered ammunition.
  • 8 Upgrades - from additional armor and ammo, to better accuracy and faster melees, to even a radar to find your enemies before they find you.
  • 4 Player co-op gameplay over LAN - if/when Final rush gets on Steam, we'll add full online support. Until then, only LAN is fully functional.
Critical Headshot Ingame Shot
Cargo Bay Mercury Switch Reactor - Update


We're constantly adding and improving content for the game. There are many features which we want to add, and are going to add as time goes on. If you want us to add/change/remove a feature, leave a comment on the IndieDB or Greenlight page, and we'll see what we can do.

These are some of the -many- major features that are either in progress already, or planned for the game:

  • Stat Tracking - currently the combat marks aren't tracked, but with the addition of stat tracking, preferably cloud based and linked to your profile, you'll be able to see how many of each combat mark you've earned, how many of each enemy you've killed, and many other fun stats.
  • Ranks - each match would give you experience which would increase your rank, and unlock now customization features for your character.
  • Armor Customization - the better you do, the more credits you get at the end of the match, which you can spend on advanced character customization. Armor will be comprised of multiple, customizable pieces which can be mixed, matched, and repainted. Also included will be a variety of cool effects, patterns, visuals, and other customization, like gender and battle chatter voice.
  • More themes, enemies, bosses, and levels - even right now, new levels are being built for the game, which will be populated with new and unique enemies; and they're not just going to be robots either.
  • More and customizable weapons - Final Rush already has the framework for advanced weapon systems, allowing you to have all kinds of special and dramatic weapons. We also want to add customization to your trusty primary weapons.
  • A full story mode - set in an advanced sci-fi world, which will include larger sandbox style levels, an advanced, character driven plot, and a player level-up system.
  • And much much more - Just because we're and indie doesn't mean we're not going to make big games. There's also going to be plenty of smaller improvements, optimizations, and refinements to every area of the game. Better gameplay, better and more efficient graphics, and more fun overall!


We want to make good games that gamers can enjoy time after time; with their friends, with their family, alone, or with complete strangers. We want to make the best games possible, and give you a good value for your money.

Please give us a chance! We promise you won't regret it.

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Again, please feel free to provide any feedback positive or negative! We read all of the comments.

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Awesome :D I've already voted it on Greenlight!!

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str-Luke Author

Then you have our undying love and respect. Thank you. :)

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