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A quick News Post outlining what exactly Archangel is, some of the planned features, and a little further look in to how we're achieving this.

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Hey there guys,

First of all, I'd like to thank IndieDB for authorizing Archangel for listing here. As an Indie Game it's a little difficult for me to advertise and generate a fan-base during development as all of the budget is being spent on Art and Servers. Once again, thanks, guys!

Next, I'd like to explain what exactly Archangel is (Or will be). The plan for Archangel is to create a cross-platform, Web-based MMORPG that takes the best of MMORPG's, and puts it in to a little "dated" scenario, that being our Art Style. From the Images/Previews already added, you can see Archangel is aimed to be a 2D Top-down Game, inspired by games such as Zelda.

Archangel's summary says it all in terms of the storyline; "Archangel is set in a Fantasy land, of which you travel to seeking fame and glory. Though, of course, it never just happens like that, does it? You will make and lose friends, Quest to get enough gold for that Sword you've always wanted and fight your way through hordes of enemies. Or will you take a different approach to these new Lands? Maybe open up a Shop and become a Merchant, maybe dabbling in a bit of Archery on the side just incase there are any pesky Rogues trying to steal your goods! The world is yours, do with it what you will, and rise to claim what is rightfully yours!". Storyline-wise, not much has been written yet. Though I'm going to have a massive chain of Quests and other goodies that will make Single/Co-Op Storylines possible.

In regards to features, here's a compiled list of some of the currently confirmed/working-on Features (We want to keep as many as possible secret for now as a surprise!):

  • An MMO Experience in a 2D RPG World
  • Complete Questing System (Both Single and Co-Op)
  • Total Player Customization (Weapons, Armor, Coloring)
  • Large and beautiful World Design
  • Job & Skilling Systems
  • Factions/Clans & PvP Areas

I'm very excited about working further with everyone and building a community who can help shape Archangel in to a lovely experience for everyone! Thank you for reading!

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