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Hey there :3 sorry i haven't been updating this lately. I have been busy with school and such, but not to worry i am now getting back into my project as i type! For those who are wondering I am not the best artist i know, but the point in me making this is so people can enjoy a nice heart filled story. Not to compete with others in the Visual Novel area. So please do not complain about how my art work sucks balls or what ever other insults you got up your selves. Now then time for explaining

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1. I am working on my artwork to make the game as well polished as possible.
2. I will be uploading more concepts of the characters.
4. I am debating on to make Lost free or have it cost some money.
5. I would love it if someone could send in there own concepts of my characters or even help with the environments. I am not very good at making backgrounds. I would love help so if you can send in some work to this email: Shawn_Fargie@yahoo.com That would be great.

This is all for now. I will update as soon as i can, and thank you for your patients :3

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