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Post news RSS What 3,500 playthroughs of our game tell us of gamer choice and morality

Our indie adventure game Postmortem has had 3.5k playthroughs already! Here’s what the stats reveal about our gamers and their moral choices.

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  • With 3,500 playthroughs, 2000 of them were unique, meaning 43% replayed our game at least once!
  • The choice whom to kill was evenly split among everyone except a quiet and uninvolved watchmaker. I guess most took pity on the poor guy!
  • About 73% played as a Male
  • Half skipped on speaking to everyone on the Gala - I guess some just seemed more interesting than others!
  • Only 25% of gamers influenced a potentially violent revolutionary to pursue more diplomatic means. I guess desperate actions are understandable when your voice is so marginalized!
  • A whole 1/3 convinced a certain powerful character to use her fame to speak out for women rights despite potential backlash! A wise decision? Play to find out ;)
  • Another 1/3 stole a random key they found - are so many of us slighlt kleptomaniacs? Or perhaps just too used to the gamey keyhunt mechanic?
  • Almost half (43%) ruffled through other people's clothes. Yikes - don't think I'd got a party with you folks hehe!

Some expected stuff, some less so. I wonder how much can be attributed to the players approaching Postmortem as a "game" or reflecting their true moral compass? Give us your thoughts below!

Learn more about Postmortem and Vote on Steam Greenlight!

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