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Post news RSS Wet behind the ears? New Update adds a "casual" mode...

Aside from some tweaks during some boss fights, a new "Green Zone" difficulty has been added, allowing "new" people to brawlers and Pecan in general to get "used" to things...

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A lot of people have demanded it, and we just laughed about it for a LONG while... but felt like being nice anyways.

The "not our lifestyle, but we're happy for however you want to live your life" EASY MODE is now being added. The new "Green Zone" will take out Jennies, Fire Bunnies, max out your Heat, Revive Token, and health in each chapter, and will pre-weaken the Bosses a head of time.

Heed this though; Only a portion of the experience is in this mode, so will it be worth it in the end to play through Green Zone?

Perhaps, in the end, you'll understand equivalent exchange.

In addition, Boss Tweaks and Window Maximization has been added.

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