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In this article I detail why the Linux version may not be happening and progress on the game including a possible release date.

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Lately, we've been doing a lot of work on BAE and focusing a lot less on our other two games which are currently in development. This is because we find BAE a more profitable and Accomplishable concept. We have worked a lot on game mechanics and now have the very base of the game finished(should be detailed in some videos soon), this includes the multiplayer aspect. We have all our physics down and are now fine tweaking Character skills as well as Movement and bullet physics. We are nearly to the point where we can predict a release date. My personal prediction is May-July 2013 with the Open Beta releasing in April. I could mosdef be wrong about the Beta's release date although the Full game should definitely be released by late July 2013. I am happy with the current schedule and what is going on. The reality of it though is that we don't have enough artists, we require multiple skilled texture artists and Modelers when we really barely have one. This is why we are recruiting, we need any PHP Programmers, 3d Artists, and/or texture artists to apply for the team. Just PM me here on IndieDB if you're interested.
Wish Us Luck

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