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About today's launch of our Square Enix Collective Campaign!

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Hi Guys,

this is going to be a short one! Just a few hours ago our Square Enix Collective Campaign (VOTE HERE) has started and we're very excited about that. So I would like you to go there, make a stop, login with your Facebook or Steam credentials, (ATTENTION! JOKE INCOMING) type in your credit card Number and give me 1000000000 $ which I will spend on porn.

Ok, yeah but really go there, login and vote for Yes(Yay) or No(Booh)! Yes would be better though. Don't worry that is just some kind of a poll! Read my previous article so you know how SEC works. It'll cost you just 2-3 minutes of your (porn-watching-)time!

Here is yet another random bit of "Delusional" gameart! Enjoy!

Monitor Scene

And just to be clear: The guy in the image above uses that hammer to smash faces in.

So that's really it for today! Please Vote! Please check our SEC Teaser with additional gameplay! Please follow our twitter! And please, oh please, make America great again!


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