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"Hello, if you have been following this previously..."

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Hello, if you have been following this previously I would like you to know that the game has had a complete overhaul with better graphics, story-line, characters, levels and all that jazz.
The main thing is the new plot; which will be explained below.

"LTG (The Legend of the LittleTinyGalaxy) is about an experiment named Cosmos, he gets caught up in a battle against Draco, our main villain, as he battles his way from a plethora of galaxies getting sections of an orb called the LittleTinyGalaxy, it is an infinite power source and will grant anyone who finds the pieces a wish, Prof. Create shall be the mentor of Cosmos as he is his creator, he creates him onboard his ship in secret and takes him under his wing as he trains him to find the pieces and defeat Draco as Draco is looking for the pieces to conquer the universe with his wish."

As you can see, we put some thought into the story-line and we will try our best to not mess it up!

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