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This news article includes more information about the game as well as the full development process and what features will be added in the future.

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This is the first news article of this game, at first I would like to talk about what the game will become, I would like it to be a bit like X-Rebirth as well as Eve Online however every aspect will be modifiable. I will try to hard code as little as possible so mod developers will have as much freedom as they can to make this game amazing. The game will have both singleplayer and multiplayer both will be entirely modifiable so the server owner will be able to decide what he wants to do with his server. I hope that the community will grow to extreme sizes.

By end release I would like to have put in the following features into the game:

  • Mods
  • Completely modifiable ships
  • An advanced system manager for those who want to make their lives hard
  • Advanced Space Physics
  • Level saving
  • Level editing
  • Transports across star-sectors
  • Server plugins
  • Editable textures
  • Asteroid mining
  • Business management
  • Official servers
  • Community servers
  • Ship fleets
  • And more!

Here is the development process that this game will take.

The pre-alpha stage should be complete by mid February or at the end of January. Once we reach alpha I shall submit the game for Steam Greenlight as well as Desura. The alpha will be concentrated at completing the single-player whilst the beta will aim at multi-player. Once the game is released then I will continually develop the game until there is nothing more I can add to it.

Windows StarGazer Pre-Alpha 0.1
Windows StarGazer Pre-Alpha 0.1

Linux StarGazer Pre-Alpha 0.1
Linux StarGazer Pre-Alpha 0.1

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