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Thyranor Awakening is a 2D MMORPG that is being developed, and has just entered its first Alpha testing phase.

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Thyranor Awakening is a 2D MMORPG that is being developed, and has just entered Alpha Testing.

It will be focused on Faction-Based wars going on between the Onyx Dominion and the Azora Union. The two Nations have been at war for many years due to disagreements regarding who should rule the Realm of Thyranor. As time goes on, a rift opens within the Realm and a great evil approaches, causing the two Factions to join together once again.

Important Note: The testing phase for Thyranor Awakening follows a different series of events.

Testing for the game will be centered around a Halloween Event in which a small village has been cursed.

The curse has brought monsters and beings from all realms of story and folklore to the village.

Current Features:

While heading into our first testing phase we're not aiming to have a tremendous amount of content.

What's included within the first test:

- Completely custom items and sprites.

- Day/Night cycle.

- Global Event that causes NPCs to spawn on a timer, great rewards for defeating them.

- Crafting.

- Shops.

- Legendary Gear by completing quests involving powerful foes.

- World Bosses.

- A paperdoll including overlay outfits, pants, shirts, gloves, etc, rather than the standard design, to allow for more customization.

The open Alpha testing for Thyranor Awakening will start this week of November, lasting until late November, or early December.

If you're interested, please visit our Discord and come join our community. Discord.gg

Hope to see you there!

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